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Queensland's leading media representation company

For the last 30+ years, the team at Jane Fewings Media have been based in Brisbane and have acted as an exclusively contracted Media Sales Representatives for some of the countries most prestigious Media including – West Australian Newspapers, The Financial Review Group, SBS TV, Readers Digest, Time, Murdoch Magazines, FCM (Ignite Media Brands), Fairfax Media and many more.

The media landscape has drastically changed and therefore, so has our business offering. There are now three distinctly different business units within Jane Fewings Media to handle different models of Media Sales Representation and Media Types.


jfmedia remains our flagship brand and performs contracted exclusive Media Sales Representation for quality Media Owners from around the country. This usually involves handling the client’s Media Sales for Qld exclusively, but has extended to national representation in the past. Our sole current client of jfmedia is – West Australian Newspapers, which include the iconic and industry leading Metro Newspaper, Website Portfolio and the WRS Regional Newspaper Portfolio

MyMediaTradingDesk, is a digital division that brings the world of Programmatic Media Buying to the Private Media Agency and Direct Advertiser market. This “Outsourced Digital Media Trading Desk” model currently serves more than 15 Privately Owned Media Agencies around Australia and also Direct Advertisers both here and from Overseas.  Visit www.MyMediaTradingDesk.com.au

for more information or to request a consultation to determine whether the services will assist your business.

AdvertisingOptions is an industry service that brings together Niche Media Owners and professionally presents their Media to Media Agencies and Marketers nationwide through a purpose-built website and sales process. The offering was born through observation of the increased communication breakdown caused by fragmentation of Niche and Independent Media offerings and the increasing workload of Media Agencies.  Visit www.AdvertisingOptions.com.au to apply to have your Niche Media listed on the site or to review the listings and make an Advertising Enquiry.


Overall, Jane Fewings Media is a loyal team with long term, engaged Staff and Owners. We are passionate users of technology, automation and systems but mix all these advances with good old fashioned 1to1 relationships and personalised approaches enabling us to run a small team of local professionals that punch well above their weight.