Work from Home by joining jfmedia for an 8 month Contract

Well, we’ve done it again. We have another one of our valuable employees attaining the title of “On Maternity Leave”.


That’s where you come in. We’re looking for someone to replace, (well, try to anyway) Mum-to-Be, Abby on a Maternity Leave Contract.  But our workplace is probably a little different to what you’ve experienced if you’ve been in the Media Sales business in Brisbane for any length of time.


With us, you’ll have a ‘decentralised workplace’. Meaning, ‘you can work from home’. Now, because this is a Media Sales job, your home needs to be within driving distance from the majority of our client base (Southbank, Valley, New Farm, etc) so you can catch up with your clients face to face when there is something new or meaty to discuss but the reality is that most of our business is done over phone and email with people we have been working with for years so we already have good relationships with them. Wasting time on “ducking out for a coffee” and “dropping in with some muffins” aint our style but “catching up to go over something that’ll help your client” is, as well as just plain old “delivering quality responses to briefs in an extremely timely manner”. So we believe you can do both of these from a decentralised office.


To put some formality around the opportunity, here’s what’s involved in The Role, what we’re looking for in The Person and what to do to be part of The Process. Keep in mind that at jfmedia we have an Informal Culture, NOT a Casual Culture.  Also, we’re aware that our website isn’t exactly awesome. Don’t judge us too harshly on it as it isn’t really required to improve the results you’ll get from your role, nor what we do as a business overall…… but it does the job for now for sure (and you’re welcome to edit it if you have the time!).


The Role – Media Sales Manager (Maternity Contract)
The role is for the autonomous day to day sales and service of Qld Advertisers for our client, The West Australian Newspaper group. This includes The West Australian, The West Regionals and You’re supported by jfmedia’s Sales Director, Nicole, who has an intimate knowledge of WAN and our Advertisers and will be on hand for escalation of issues as well as general tactics and advice. You’ll also have the backstop of an extremely detailed CRM with contact details and notes on conversations and proposals going back some 5 years. Our custom online booking system also provides historical booking details for Rates, MIA, Confirms, Reporting and the like.


You’re responsible for the total communications with Clients. This ranges from basic admin tasks to responding to a high level integrated brief and everything in between. Some examples would be sending an infrequent EDM to your contacts from Mailchimp about deadline changes and feature updates, through to tactically calling potential advertisers for a wrap that you know they are in the market for, whilst negotiating inserts prices. It’s an all hands on deck role for an all hands on deck person.


This role is available from November 2nd until the first week of July 2016.  The employment can be managed as an Employee Maternity Leave Contract or through your Consulting Business. The hourly or daily rate is not yet fixed but will be equivalent to a high five figure salary package.


Finer details on how we manage our Decentralised Workplace process and what are included as benefits and expectations will be discussed with those shortlisted.



The Person

You’re Independent, Mature (regardless of Age) and Successful.  You’re more interested in being proud of your output and getting a buzz from ‘doing deals’ than you are on image management, appearing busy, and playing office politics. You know you’re good at what you do but you aren’t precious or high maintenance. In reality, you’re pretty rare in Media Sales. But you’ll fit right in at jfmedia.


You’ve got solid experience in Media Sales, preferably in Print. The right people in Brisbane Ad Agencyland know you, like you and trust you – because you’re trustworthy and deliver good work for them, not because you have the biggest industry following on FB, the biggest bar tab or the best tickets. We don’t trade on that stuff.


Regarding the Decentralised Workplace, you’re into the idea because you have a good, separate space to work from, you have other topics you like (sport/family/hobbies/uni/business) to do outside of work and you can get to them quickly now that you don’t have a transit time, plus it just suits your ‘no mess/no fuss’ style. Your uptake of Tech and Cloud makes your life simpler and means you can work and communicate from anywhere, and you or the wonderful world of Google can fix your own IT problems when they come up 😉



The Process


Thanks for reading our Job Ad and for applying for or sharing the role. We look forward to hearing from you soon.






Michael Petersen
jfmedia – Premium AdSales Services
07 3394 8434


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